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cheap van insurance - Liability Insurance

If you are a self-employed tradesman, your living could be ruined by one simple error. Liability insurance is designed to shield you from this, by covering you against damage to property occurring in the course of your trade. Cover can be arranged for up to £10,000,000, and is now often a requirement for corporate employers. Don't put your business at risk - take out public liability insurance now.

If you employ staff, you may not know that it is a legal requirement to take out employers liability cover, so you and they are protected if they are injured as a result of some act or omission of yours. Most trades and occupations can be covered quite simply, and a quote can be produced for you with one phone call.

Your 'tools of the trade' are your livelihood - don't put them at risk. You can cover these as an extension to your liability insurance policy at a reasonable cost, to give yourself peace of mind.

We are insurance specialists - we don't do anything else, so you can be sure that you will get proper advice and help when you need it.

Unlike many insurance providers who only train their staff either to sell or to service policies, our operators are trained to deal with all aspects of your liability insurance, from start to finish. Our claims handling teams will work in conjunction with your insurer to provide a first class service.


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